Change Your Color Palette

At Joy, we appreciate the little things and want your website and app to be just as perfectly planned and coordinated as the wedding itself.  Customizing the color palette is a great way to give guests their first taste of the look and feel of your wedding.

In order to change the colors of your application, first navigate to your wedding dashboard and click on the paint can icon:


You’ll be brought to the design page with a series of options on the left-hand pane and preview of how the app will appear to you and your guests in the right-hand pane.

From here, you have a few options.

First, you can select one of the pre-set color palettes our design team has come up with. Impress your guests with the chic minimalism of Los Angeles or go bold with our Firestorm scheme.

If none of our suggestions quite live up to your vision, don’t worry! Our application allows you to customize your color scheme.

To do so, you will need to choose two colors. The first will be your base color and will be the most visible in framing your app and website. The second is the accent color and will appear as the backdrop to text.

To change both, first click on the “My Custom Color” tile to initiate the process. To change the base color, click again on the left-hand color on the tile. Once selected, save and you will return to the main design page. Next, click the right-hand color on the custom tile. Once again save your selection.


If our pre-mixed colors still aren’t making the cut, select the closest colors to your preference.

Next, you’ll notice at the bottom of the “My Custom Color” tile a small mixing symbol.  

Click directly on the symbol and you will be taken to a “mixing board” for your color palette.


Adjust both the primary and accent color using the four different toggles until the desired hue is found, and then save once more.**

Finally, notice the switches between “Light” and “Dark” at the top of the mixing board. Adjusting this setting will allow you to decide whether you want your font to be black or white.

Double check the phone display in the right-hand pane to make sure everything is perfect, and that’s it! Your guests will now experience your vision for your big day from the moment they download the app.

**For those truly committed to the small details, we’ve included an exciting feature in the “mixing colors” window. As you adjust the color shades, a series of values will appear below. For the technically minded, these are the “R” (red), “G” (green) and “B” (blue) values of your custom color, along with the hex code. Take that to your wedding planner, and everything down to the napkins will match perfectly.  


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