Add Rental Car Info

If you have guests flying in for the festivities, chances are they’ll need a rental car to get around. (Unless your destination happens to be someplace like New York City, in which case they’ll probably need step-by-step instructions on how not to end up in the wrong neighborhood, on the wrong subway line, going in the wrong direction).

You might have a special agreement with a specific rental company, or you just want to help make the experience more convenient. In either case, you can add all of the necessary information under the “Travel” section on the admin dashboard:

First, navigate to your Travel and Lodging section from your dashboard, or add the section if you haven’t already done so.  image01

Next, click the “Transportation” icon, followed by the “Rental Car” icon. Much like your hotel entries, contact information for the car rental company will auto-populate when you type in the name. Otherwise, name and address will be required in order to save your entry.

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